Personal Battle Against Overlooked Diseases

Apr 20, 2023

A Painful Vacation in Bali

Anna, a Senior Product Manager at a top corporation, was excited about her vacation in Bali. Little did she know that her trip would turn her life upside down. While enjoying the beauty of the island, she suddenly developed a strange and painful skin allergy. Desperate to find a solution, she embarked on a challenging journey to regain her health.

A Disappointing Search for Answers

Anna consulted over 20 doctors across six countries, spent over 600 hours seeking help, and took 12 flights to different clinics. The medical professionals she encountered were quick to label her condition as atopic dermatitis, but no treatment they offered seemed to work. As a result, Anna lost her job, faced humiliation, and wasted a year of her life.

A Breakthrough from an Unlikely Source

The turning point in Anna's story came from a small Telegram chat group with just 100 members. There, she discovered that her skin allergy was not atopic dermatitis, but rather a case of Opisthorchiasis, a Southeast Asian parasitic disease affecting 82 million people worldwide. This number is far more significant than the 38 million affected by AIDS. In fact, 2 billion people suffer from parasitic infestations globally.

Anna's story is not unique. Many people worldwide have health issues stemming from overlooked diseases that conventional medicine fails to identify. Anna's experience ignited a passion in her husband, Alex, to change the way healthcare approaches these conditions.

A Mission to Transform Healthcare

Together, Anna and Alex are on a mission to combine the power of AI and supportive communities to help millions of people suffering from overlooked diseases, like Opisthorchiasis. They believe that every individual deserves access to proper medical care and accurate diagnoses.Anna's journey is a testament to the importance of questioning conventional medical wisdom and seeking alternative solutions. By sharing her story, Anna hopes to raise awareness about overlooked diseases and inspire others to take control of their health.